C. L. Mc Guire Co. Inc. exists to sell specialty products using internal skills combined with manufacturers resources that result in a sum greater than their individual efforts.
Our mission is to provide the highest technical support and customer service via distribution or direct sales, targeting markets within a regional geographic responsibility.
We deliver value for customers. Value is created through innovation, productive relationships with customers, and speed and simplicity in everything we do. We achieve this in balance with our responsibilities to society and the environment.
We regularly evaluate the environmental, health and safety performance of suppliers, manufacturers and distributors.  C. L. McGuire Co. Inc. does not work with organizations that violate laws and regulations. Wherever laws don't exist or aren't adequate, it reviews these companies to ensure that they follow good industry practice.

C. L. Mc Guire Co. Inc.
8134 New LaGrange Road
Louisville, Ky 40222
(502) 423-1630  FAX (502) 423-1647
Email: information@clmcguire.com